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Director of Owners Union

Director of Owners Union

Owners Union:         

The Owners Union formed pursuant to the provisions of this Law for the management and operation of common parts, including the repair and maintenance thereof and the good utilisation thereof.


Board of Directors:  

The Board elected by owners in accordance with the provisions of this Law for the management of the Owners Union.


Director of Owners Union:

The person appointed by the developer or Owners Union for the management of the daily activities of the Owners Union.


Owners Union’s Statute:      

Such rules and provisions regulating the Owners Union.


Services Fees:

Such fees imposed by the Owners Union on the owners of real estate units to cover the costs of the management and maintenance of the common parts.


Common Real Estate:

The entire building or part thereof or the plot of  land or both of them which is divided into  real estate units and part or parts of such building shall be specified as commonparts.


Common Parts:        

The common parts of the common building that are allocated for the use of the owners and occupants of real estate units as it is specified by the floor plan or compound plan in accordance with the provisions  of thisLaw.


The Required Training Program for The Director of Owners Union Profession:


Owners Union Management Program

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