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Surveying Licensing

Surveying Licensing

The person that is paid for demarcating any real estate for the submission thereof for registration at the Municipal Affairs Department.

Any person undertaking the same activity at any governmental entity shall be excluded from this definition.


Surveyor’s Role

The surveyor shall handle the work upon the agreement concluded with the contracting party that specifies the obligations and duties of the surveyor and the entitled fees for handling his work. At all events, the surveyor’s role shall include the demarcation of any real estate and carrying out full-scale survey in accordance with the standards and criteria determined by the competent authorities, not to exceed the realization of the purposes of this Law.


Surveyor’s Obligations

  1. The surveyor shall be committed to conclude a written agreement with the contract party upon commencing any surveying activities for him.
  2. The surveyor shall provide all plans and data to the competent authorities according to their ad hoc form.
  3. The Municipal Affairs Department has the rights to use such plans and data provided by the surveyor.


The Required Training Program for The Real Estate Surveyor Profession:


Surveying Licensing Program

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