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Learning Journey

Learning Journey

ADVETI welcomes you to the Real Estate Training  Courses. We hope that your learning journey with us will be enjoyable and rewarding. We believe our Co-operation along with the education and skills you gain from this training will benefit you in  achieving your employment goals in the real estate field.

Training Procedure

  • The Real Estate Training Programs provide the practical knowledge, education and real estate sciences  that participants  needed to prepare  them to work within the real estate field.  
  • The training will enhance participants with requisite knowledge and skills to practice the real estate professions professionaly and ethically  within Abu Dhabi.
  • The real estate training courses will provide full details and explanation regarding the real estate profissions identified in rule no.3 of the year 2015 concerning the regulations of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi.
  • The real estate training courses will provide the participants with the real estate sciences and knowledge which enabling them to be certified to practice within the real estate field successfully and profesionally within Abu Dhabi and with the aim of achieving a high level in their careers.
  • Our mission is to provide the participants with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in the real estate field by employing highly qualified trainers.   
  • At the end of the training, the participants who successfully pass the real estate practitioners exam, will receive a certificate of completion, these certificates must be presented to the Department of Municipility Affairs to complete the procedures of obtaing permission to practice the real estate professions in Abu Dhabi.
  • In case of failure the participant has to repeat the exam.
  • Participants can repeat the exam three times.
  • If the participant fails to pass after three times,  the participant must re-enroll as a new participant.

How to be successful?

  • Full attendance and commitment to the training program schedule.
  • Active participatino in discussion sessions and workshops.
  • Reading the training manuals provided during the course.
  • Following up with trainer instructions.

  Your responsibilities toward ADVETI

  • In case of absence, training coordinator should be informed and the absence report must be submitted.
  • For any information we urge you to communicate with the training coordinator.


  • Positive behavior.
  • Proper appearance.
  • Follow the instructions.


  • Compulsory attendance.
  • Absence is prohibited, unless permission obtained from training manager.

  Health and Safety

  • Understand and comply with the safety and health regulations in ADVETI.
  • Comply with the rules provided by ADVETI.

  Other issues

  • Daily schedule of the training program identifying  the breaks for lunch and prayer times will be provided at the beginning of the training course.

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